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sharing eyes

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This is a photography about other photography communities and sites. I started it because I was frustrated in attempts to find good photo communities by using the lj search and trying to find good galleries of other phtographers online with google.

The purposes of the community are:
1. to try to make a comprehensive directory of all the relevant communities for photographers on lj.
2. to discuss what you can expect to find on your friends list if you join or watch these communities (sort of a mini review)
3. To share the urls of good online galleries and other photo websites with others.
4. to be a place to discuss photography in general.

1. While this is a community dedicated to promoting photo communities and galleries, pelase refrain from spamming the community. Only post about the community or site once on the journal. If you are unsure as to whether a community has been discussed before check the friends list of the community, I will add every photo community I find to it so people can find them easily. If you are sharing a website, if you don't see it mentioned in the current 3 months worth of postings, you may post it again.

2. Please refrain from flaming people. If you disagree with someone's opinion on a communities worth or a site, merely post your own opinion. I know every once and a while we are all sarcastic and want to make fun of something we find ridiculous, I'm not saying you can't make fun of something. I merely ask that you respect other people's right to have their opinions even if you don't agree with them or the way the put it. Any flaming, personal attacks, or other out of line acts of disrespect will get your posts removed and if the problem persists or is grave enough you will be banned.

3. at the present time please limit photo posting to a represntative photo from the site , please keep it 540 pixels or less wide.